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About Us

ALHAMDULILLAH, Nursery Driving institute has the honour to serve the people from beginners to experts since more than 20 years. The institute have the record to serve the second and third generation to teach the driving with all the laws and rules made by concerned local authorities. We aim to enhance the skills of driving without nervousness on the road.

We provide a quality educational process

In this manner, we have highly qualified and well educated male and female instructors to serve the students / learners who have less road confidence while driving.

On the other side, we also concentrate on the by laws and traffic signs as well as road sense to better understand the driving on main road.

We assure one student at a time to make complete attention and thus the car driving will be more comfortable without hesitation.

All our courses are tailored for your individual needs.

Our aim is simply to make you a “safe driver for life”

What Can You Expect

If you are still unable to drive your vehicle after taking so many classes, then just try you driving testing skills with our educated and qualified instructors. The satisfaction of our students is our     main asset.

Instructor Development

At Nursery Driving, we also prepare peoples as a driving instructors or professional drivers so      they can easily acquire a best job in the field of car driving.

 Driver safety while driving

During the car driving learning, our team is try to maintain maximum safety of vehicle, specially learner, vehicle, and all other surroundings. Our aim is to teach the driving in practical way without disturbing general traffic.